Missing Our Girl

Sniff, snort.

Prance, paw.

They know. Can feel it. Pricked ears; tail aloft.

The meadow’s open.

Bucking, rearing, galloping ponies race to play in the meadow.

But someone’s missing.


Our lovely Chestnut mare with the satin gene. I say ours, and by ours, I mean Martina’s. And mine. She once was my girl. I miss her so much.

We started out treating her as a Potomac Horse Fever case. We gave her 3 days of heavy antibiotics–with no change. Our Vet suggested we take her to MSU, so we trailered her there. She stayed overnight. During the visit, Savannah’s kidneys shut down.

The final status, as best we can tell, is that she had masses on her kidneys and possibly cancer in her digestive tract. She may not have had Potomac at all. No other horses at Firefly Farm showed symptoms. We weren’t ready to let Savannah be euthanized at MSU. We needed to say goodbye.

So we trailered her home, thanks to Sandalwood Ranch’s Alec Kolenda and Sara Heaton.

Minions, campers, and loved ones gathered to say goodbye. We braided her mane and tail. We offered her treats. We read poetry. We grieved and loved and offered hugs all around for our friends.

Savannah was euthanized on the third hill out in the meadow, where she can always remain with her best friends in a place she loved. Savannah remained full of grace, passing easily into the next world. She laid down and was silent.

But we desperately miss her. She’s irreplaceable.

Somewhere is another horse. Someone who isn’t registered. Who needs a home. Who has a fire and spirit and grace unmatched by others. I plan to find her and love her as fiercely as I love Savannah. When that horse comes along, we’ll know. The Universe will send her our way. Savannah will give her a nudge.

Until then, I wish you all happy trails. Love your horses as if every day is their last.

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2 thoughts on “Missing Our Girl

  1. Dolores A. Fowler

    What a beautiful tribute to Savanah, Sarah. I was touched by your words and devotion to such a beautiful animal. Aunt Dolores

  2. Scarlett

    I can’t read this without crying. You’re such a good writer, friend, everything. You deserve the world and a rainbow of ponies.

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