Going Post-al, Take 2

The posts stand as silent sentinels, appraising the land which they guard. A gold-brown satin sheen reflects the sun. Green grass withers into shades of orange and yellow, awaiting rain.

There’s painting to be done. The gallons of paint are in the doorway of the barn; paintbrushes are under the sink. There’s much to be done before the outdoor arena is complete. Yet when the posts need me to protect them most, I, too, am withering away.

I can’t paint in this heat, but the posts must be painted before the workmen can string up the RAMM fence. The new outdoor arena is something I’ve desired for a very long time. I can’t wait until it’s done. However, if the heat keeps up, the work will be delayed for a few days until the worst of the heat has passed and I can paint without feeling as if I’ll pass out. I stare out the window and sigh, but make no move to change the situation.

Instead, I’ve been painting my kitchen. It’s green and yellow. Originally it was entirely green, but this shade of sage isn’t bright enough. Yellow is much nicer. I work on a few yards of wall at a time, and eventually it’ll be finished. Therefore, it’s yellow and green right now. I love the yellow. It’s cheerful.

In between painting, I’ve also been sorting paperwork.

And staring out the window at unpainted posts. Sigh.

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