Boss Mare

I appreciate a difference of opinion.

Some people feel that life is hard. That people should grow up to become part of a 40-hour work week. That NASCAR is cool.

I don’t.

Moreover, some people believe horses are livestock. Horses don’t care if you hit them. That it’s ok to buy, and then sell your horse if you find he isn’t suitable.

Once again, I don’t agree.

When I have a difference of opinion with someone else, oftentimes I’ll bite my tongue. Bide my time until they leave. Change the subject.

Not this time.

A student spent 15 minutes arguing politics tonight. I disagreed with the position this student took. What’s more, the student had no evidence to back up their argument.

Without evidence, you’re dead in the water. Especially when you argue with me. I married someone who argues for a living.

And my husband’s good–very, very good at what he does. Yet I’ll frequently still “win” when my spouse and I have disagreements. He’ll concede.

Don’t argue politics at the barn. It’s not nice. We’re here to have fun and relax, not get upset about world affairs.

But if you choose to argue against the Boss Mare, be prepared to lose.

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3 thoughts on “Boss Mare

  1. Agent Noodles :)

    some horses are democrats, some are republicans. my horse is a communist… we try not to talk about it.

  2. Martina best friend of boss mare

    Valuable lessons to learn for husband-to-be:
    The husband rule #1: Your wife is always right even when she is wrong she still is right.
    I love to play that card.
    Hugs, Martina

    P.S. Kiss the Savannah.

  3. suburbancowgirl22

    couldn’t have said it better myself!! (:
    some of my non horse family and friends like to try and argue with me on horse related subjects, and i find it hilarious because they know NOTHING about horses. It always amazes me how ignorant people can be.

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