New Friends

Cascading manes and tails fly aloft as new friends meet. Equids aren’t the only animals at Firefly Farm–others happily join the fray. Squeals and purrs, barks and chirps create a glorious musical cacophony.








Everyone is fascinated with Lucas/Lucy. (When the chick’s adult feathers finally appear, there will be a great deal of rejoicing–until then, we have no idea if our chick is male or female. Sadly, Lucy/Lucas’ best friend, Ethel, is no longer with us.

Rue is a delightful addition to our clowder. She and Yoda are officially “dating.”

We’ve been inundated with Pony parties the past two weeks–but we have this weekend off. Savannah had her first Painted Pony Party last weekend.

We also enjoyed our first Pony Party using an obstacle course, pitting Best-Friend against Best-Friend. (Savannah v. Melody.) Team Melody won!





There have been a fair amount of lessons recently where we practice principles of Monty Roberts’  Join-Up. Some students are fascinated by the ideas brought forth by Mr. Roberts’ in-depth research.



We’re also blessed to have Dapples abound. Honey (above) is a deep, brilliant golden-brown, while Melody (below) is a delicious toasted mahogany.

Finally, feel free to cut-and-paste the above link to Facebook. This is Firefly Farm’s official Facebook Page. Feel free to “like” us in order to receive entertaining updates.


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