(From "Horse Rhymes" by B. Fowler -- see "Writing" tab above.)
Why can’t I stop this supplement flow?
When catalogs come, I just can’t say no.
My credit card statement—I’ve come to dread.
My husband repeatedly just shakes his head.

One supplement’s seaweed, another has chia.
And then we have hooves—oh, Mama Mia!
One is to de-worm, and one makes her dark,
A thick mane and tail! One’s made from a shark.

She needs to have flax, and glucosamine,
Of course MSM. (She’s over fourteen.)
Just when will this madness be over and done?
Have I finished naming? Oops, I forgot one.

She’s regular ‘cause I give her sand clear,
No sand colic, so I hold that one quite dear.
I keep getting new catalogs every day—
Why do they think I’ll send business their way?
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