Lexi’s on a Roll

I ran the horses in, as usual, and watched the kids play around a bit as they settled on which stall to enter. Honey, being Honey, came inside, then raced back from the stalls  to the pasture. It didn’t much matter to me when she came in, as I was alone doing chores and I had time to let them be silly if they wanted. Honey raced back out to the pasture and Lexi followed her. I decided to be a big meanie, so I yelled, “Girls! Dinner Time!”

I knew as soon as I yelled, Honey would come racing in. The fun part about this is that she passed Lexi–and Lexi did a complete 180 rollback to follow Honey to the stalls! It was incredible. I could hardly believe my eyes. Lexi, the lovely, relaxed girl who likes hugs, did a beautiful rollback as if she were a reiner.

I hope Honey and Lexi have a discussion tonight about how cool that move was–and that Lexi shows Honey how to do it.

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