Pour Some [Poultice] On Me -Def Leppard (edited)

The thick, sticky glop affixes itself to everything. It has the consistency of bread dough, and consistently gets the better of whomever uses it.

Today, it got the better of me.

Savannah is down for the count. She has a sore leg that will need to be poulticed and wrapped for the next 10 days. Therefore, I was covered in goop from fingers to elbows this evening. I felt like a kid with Play Doh again–and I love Play Doh.

Savannah is not usable as a lesson horse for the next few weeks, possibly months, because of her leg injury. That leaves me with Honey up at bat. Luckily, Honey didn’t disappoint. My little girl was a champ tonight. She did two lessons with two different kids and seemed to genuinely enjoy herself. (The kids did, too!)

Everyone else is doing well. The ponies don’t like being separated, but unfortunately, Savannah is supposed to be on stall rest. She and Melody don’t play rough, so I leave them in the side pasture with the run-in stalls. This means she and Melody doesn’t get to go play in the large pasture with Lexi and Honey. Misty and Braz will be out with Honey and Lexi tomorrow, instead. Coffee and Dusty have been playing; nuzzling and itching each other all day. I’m so happy the horses genuinely seem to enjoy others in their herd.

I hope Savannah can join her buddies soon. She is weary of wearing the vet-wrap-saran-wrap-poultice, and it’s only day three of ten. She’ll learn to deal with it. I may have to invest in elbow-length gloves–or hope the temperature warms up 20 degrees.

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