Happy Thursday

Firefly Farm has been a fun place over the past week. The ponies have been out playing, sometimes with blankets on, sometimes without.

I’ve ridden Honey (with or without a saddle) every day this week. She and I have had a great deal of fun with transitions. She’s gotten to the point where she’ll stop, walk, reverse on the haunches, trot, and canter with very tiny leg cues. This morning was, by far, our best session all week. She’s giving to the bit when I ask, and for the first time, today she engaged her back muscles even before she lowered her head. It’s very exciting to feel, and since I was bareback this morning, I was able to feel everything. I nearly cheered aloud.

The husband and I are agreed that we’ll breed Melody this spring, so we’re searching for a suitable stud. I believe I’ve found one in Alabama. He’s a lovely golden palomino Quarter Horse who always throws palominos, duns, or buckskins. He’s a very sturdy looking horse with thick legs and a good pedigree. His breeding is Two Eyed Jack, which coincidentally is part of Melody’s bloodline, too.

The horses have all enjoyed the weather very much. I’ve been able to put Braz and Misty in the RAMM fence pasture to frolic, while Melody and Savannah are out back with Honey and Lexi. The boys are in their usual hangout.

I’ve been busy because of a friend of mine–she wanted me to sew a show coat for her. My winter project is still in its infancy, so I need to get cracking. There are a lot of things requiring my attention of late.

I was rather proud to attend a 4-H adult leader meeting last night for the first time. I recognized two other leaders at the meeting as people I’d taught at trick training clinics. I didn’t remember them by name, but I remembered them once they described their horses.

I started throwing around dates for camps, but there’s nothing concrete yet. I’m certain there will be quite a bit of interest from students who have previously attended a camp with me–all I can say about that is since this is my own barn, I make up the rules. We won’t have limitations on what we can and cannot do based on time, space, or lack of available staff. I’ve already begun to put together a nice group of people who are excited about what we plan to accomplish at Firefly Farm–and they’re eager to see the results.

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One thought on “Happy Thursday

  1. Sally

    Thanks for posting a picture of Penny. I know she is an odd cat, but she does love people in her own way. She will be 18 on July 7 this year. Glad you are enjoying your FireFly Farm.

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