I Saw The Sign

Our new sign is beautiful! Thank you, delightful minions (and their dad) for giving me such a lovely gift.

The best part is that it’s lit by solar lights at night. Wait,  no, the best part is that it’s cemented into the ground. No, definitely that the graphic is professionally designed. Oops, I mean that it doesn’t lean. Or maybe it’s that the sign design is also available as a business-card. And… Ok, it has many positives.

I also had a great time riding Honey. They watched and took photos. Unfortunately, I deleted most of them (accidentally.) I did have two, though they’re blurry.

Sadly, I also deleted many lovely photos of the boarders. I’ll take more tomorrow.

I received a new halter for my birthday, but Melody gets to reap the rewards. She looks gorgeous in it.

After she saw the pedestal, however, Melody didn’t want to keep her feet on the ground. She likes to show off.




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One thought on “I Saw The Sign

  1. michell

    please put more pics of honey

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