Honey, Honey, You Are My Candy Girl

I am thrilled. Honey is now able to Spanish Walk, in place, on command.


I’m certain she’ll be able to move forward in the very near future instead of “stepping” in place. We had an excellent ride again today, and she’s been very responsive to every type of training method I use. She’s highly intelligent and very treat-focused–both excellent for trick-training.

I attempted to have her stand on the pedestal today, but she was far more excited about the Spanish Walk. I also worked with her on shaking her head for “No.” She’s figuring out my cues as quickly as I ask, so we’re moving right along.

Everyone else at the barn is doing well. I snapped some photos of Braz, Misty, Melody and Savannah at breakfast.

I completely forgot about photos when the boys came into the barn. They were eager to eat. Above all else.

Honey’s starting to shed already. Her summer coat is going to be glorious. She’ s turning a lovely, deep copper color wherever she’s shed her winter coat.

Bandit’s face is healing nicely.

  I wonder what mischief I’ll create tomorrow for Honey. Perhaps we’ll practice the pedestal once more. Perhaps we’ll continue to perfect the bow. Maybe “Yes?” A little more “No?” I’ll keep working on it.

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