Pony Personalities

   The snow sparkles in the early morning sunshine, giving the illusion of clean, neat fields. The ponies nicker to each other and to me as I tromp through an inch of the frozen moisture. I rub my hands together, knowing as soon as I begin working in the barn I’ll be warm again.

   Yesterday Lexi’s extended human family came to see her. It was so nice to have the chance to see their faces as they unwrapped their pony package–the second they took off her blanket, it was like Christmas morning. I’m glad they’ve seen the before and after. Lexi’s come such a long way since she arrived at the barn. Her owner has put in many hours of riding, grooming, and groundwork to create a very well behaved animal.

   Senorita is leaving sometime next week. I’m not certain exactly which day, but she’ll be headed out to Dreamfields in Williamston. I hope it’ll be a good fit. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard good things from Senorita’s owner.

  Today we had Coffee’s owner come work with him. We laughed about the rambunctious nature of young horses, and we enjoyed thinking about how big Coffee will be by next year. We assume he’ll outgrow his current blanket. He’s getting to be such a handsome boy. He’s filled out, going from a gangly-looking colt when he arrived to a handsome young gelding.

  Dusty has the most amusing attitude when he’s working with Coffee. When I call the boys in to eat, often Coffee will linger by the hay bales in the indoor arena. Dusty will throw his head in a circle as if to say, “Get a move on, boy!” and Coffee will lower his head and meekly trot quickly toward the stalls. Dusty is also quite a catch amongst the mares. The other day I fed him in a stall between Melody and Savannah, and both of them were nickering at him and nodding their heads. He calmly ate his food as if to say “You ladies are both nice, but I know what’s most important in life.”

   Savannah is so much better looking than when she arrived. Her sides have filled out until the ribs are invisible. You can still feel them when you touch her sides, but they aren’t obvious when you look at her.

    The big news is still that Honey will bow consistently and has kneeled. I got the magical treat recipe from a lesson student, so I can make the treats that Honey finds irresistable. It’s exciting to see her finally grasp something a little more complicated than riding.

   Braz and Misty are getting along well. I occasionally hear squealing in their pasture from the little girly disagreements they have, but it’s more Misty looking at Braz to make her squeal.

   I had one lesson student tonight when I was actually supposed to have three. The first one is a bit of a mystery. Her name suddenly disappeared from the roster of lesson students by the front doors. I don’t know if she assumed this cancelled her lesson (I’d have preferred she mentioned she needed to cancel) but she neglected to talk to me about it. (I will be mentioning this to her family next time I see them.) The second lesson student who didn’t come has a huge pileup at work, so she was too swamped to make it.

   Overall, today was a great day. The farm store was a quick trip. Chores were a breeze. I even pumped some gas into the tractor so I could fire it up and empty manure buckets into the back pasture. I’m done for the evening and am planning to go to bed early.

  Tomorrow, the snow will begin melting as temperatures climb above freezing. I don’t mind. I prefer frozen dirt to mud, and grey/brown tones to snow. The ponies will still be nickering.


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