Fences and Friends; Chills and Cookies.

   This morning was chilly but clear. The ponies were excited to run in and eat grain, and when I put them back out, I added Honey to Lexi and Senorita’s paddock. I want to push Honey and Lexi to become better friends so when we move Senorita in a  week, Lexi and Honey have a closer bond. I like having fewer horse in the paddocks, so this arrangement works well. Misty and Braz can occasionally go out back, too. We’ll have two to four horses in every paddock.

  Savannah and Melody didn’t like when I separated them from Honey. They cried for each other all morning. Hopefully that’s over. Drama, drama, drama.

  Once Senorita leaves, we’ll have one opening for a horse here at the stable. I’ve already put on the Boarding page of this website that we have one slot open to outside boarders. Just because we have a slot, however, doesn’t mean we have to fill it. The horse and rider must be a good fit.

  I’m covertly glancing at the ponies through the window. It looks chilly out there, but instead of huddling under the shelters, the horses are standing with their tails to the wind. 

  Thanks to some homemade horse cookies provided by one of my students, Honey will now consistently bow when I ask. Honey loves the cookies (made with apples, carrots, and peppermints) and will do just about anything to get them. She even surprised herself by kneeling. I gave her the cues to bow, then moved the cookie lower so she had to go down on her knees in order to eat it.  That little pony has come so far. I’m very proud of her.

  Coffee and Dusty are adorable, as always. The boys are standing side-by-side out in the pasture, heads down, apparently talking about the weather. Or politics. They rarely disagree, and when they do, Dusty is very gentle in his reprimands. Coffee is getting excellent ground manners from both his owner and Dusty.  

   Just FYI for my boarders: I got a load of hay in on Friday, and I’m not pleased with the quality. We’re returning it. (I want to make sure you don’t think this is the type we’re using all winter–it isn’t.)

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