Christmas Party

    Feeding Grain. Feeding Hay. Shuffling horses. Feeding Grain. Feeding Hay. Cleaning Stalls. Two lessons. Cleaning Stalls. Feeding Hay for Lunch. Cooking for Christmas Party. Feeding Grain. Shuffling Horses. Feeding Hay. Locking up.

  This is my day. Tomorrow is busier.

   Feeding Grain. Feeding Hay. Shuffling Horses. Feeding Grain. Feeding Hay. New Load of Hay Comes In. Stacking Hay. Cleaning Stalls. Feeding Hay. Lesson. Cleaning Stalls. Lesson. Feeding Grain. Feeding Hay. Shuffling Horses. Feeding Grain. Feeding Hay. Cleaning and Decorating for Christmas Party. Christmas Party!

   I couldn’t be happier if I’d won the lottery. I’m blessed to have the incredible boarders at this facility, I’m pleased to be friends with them, and I’m thrilled we have happy horses. As for all the chores above? You could say I don’t walk to do chores. I float. On cloud 9.  

  This morning, I had two lessons. One was a group of two students (with one of the students having a lesson for the first time at Firefly.) The other lesson was a 5 year-old.

   We had so much fun. The group lesson kids are best friends, so it was easy to work with them. The 5 year-old was all smiles and dimpled cheeks.

   One of Braz’s owners came out and worked with her during the lessons. We discussed the idea of using Braz for lessons and camp next summer, and it sounds like we can both benefit from this arrangement.

   I hugged Coffee and Dusty this morning. (One gets jealous if the other gets too many hugs.) Dusty is ever the gentleman, while Coffee is exuberant. He loves to give hugs and really enjoys when I bring him treats. I bought lots of pepperment Candy Canes on clearance, so I’ve been giving those out. (It’s helping me to be closer friends with the horses.) 

  Senorita is off on a scouting trip. Her owner wants to ride strictly dressage, so she’s looking for a barn with a dressage instructor. I hope they find what they seek. I’ll be sad to see Senorita go, but when you have such a talented horse in a barn so far from your house (with an owner who doesn’t have her drivers license yet) it’s difficult to arrange everything.

    Honey is super needy lately. No matter how much I ride, she wants to come out to play. More. More, more, more. I think she’s telling me she wants to be a lesson horse when she grows up.

  Lexi is bored, too. She whinnies a lot and paces the fence. I think she misses her owner. Instead of providing her owner, I’m going to give her Savannah. I’ll probably put Savannah, Melody, Lexi, Senorita, and Honey together in the back pasture sometime over the weekend. (I can’t do it when I have a lesson student coming–when it comes to catching the horses, they’re intimidated by the size of the Thoroughbreds.) The mares love to pal around, and I know they call over the fence to each other all the time. Since Senorita’s gone today, I put Honey and Lexi together, and it seems a good pairing.

  Everyone is content and/or happy. Everyone is well fed. Everyone is enjoying their extra hay and super-clean stalls. (I emptied and filled the buckets in the stalls, too. Poor Braz had about 1/8 cup of grain in the bottom of her bucket. Molasses flavored water?)

  I don’t sit in a cubicle for a living. I don’t have to do something I dislike for a pittance. I play with ponies all day long.  Plus, after all the chores are done, we’re going to have my “barn family” over for a night of entertainment, gifts, and fun.  Life doesn’t get any better than this.

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