My Carhartts

Thanks to my arctic-proof clothing
I stay warm in the winter’s cold,
I ride every day on my pony
Jump snowdrifts, together, we’re bold

If I didn’t have this advantage
I’d probably just stay inside.
My pony would get very lonely
Without a best bud by her side.
I thank them again for my clothing
That keeps every winter so warm,
My friends know to look for the jumpsuit,
For bundled-up-me is the norm.

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One thought on “My Carhartts

  1. Erika

    Hey Sarah! I’ve been reading every post you have on your website and your barn is so pretty! We’re on vacation right now and were wondering if there’s a day we could drive up and visit the horses and farm…I mean visit you. 🙂 I know we can’t Wednesday because I’m horseback riding (oh btw-i was in my first show recently and I got 1st place in one of my events and 2nd in the other!!! :D) My mom said we’re available New Years Eve, New Years Day, and January 2nd if any of those three days work for you. If they don’t then hopefully we’ll get to come up sometime soon but FOR SURE this summer. 🙂


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