Mystery Solved

   Oh, the blood. We first noticed Yoda’s behavior when Savannah’s owner tried to hold him, and he hissed at her. Yoda never hisses. He hissed and bit and scratched. We lifted him by the scruff of his neck and carried him into the tack room. That’s when we noticed his tail. His bloody, black-scabbed tail.

   The blood wasn’t from a dead animal after all.

   The drops I found on the stall a few days ago must have been from Yoda, and I didn’t see the injury on his tail when I inspected him the first time. I admit, after a precursory glance over the kids, I wasn’t too worried about any of them being injured. I assumed with that amount of blood, a wound would be obvious. I was wrong.

   We fixed him up and put medication on his tail. We washed and fussed over him, and hopefully helped the healing process.

   Poor Yoda.

   Today downpoured. I brought all the ponies in and fed them, then put them all into the pastures. Honey is in with Melody and Savannah today, so Lexi, Senorita, and Braz can have that huge shelter to themselves. I’d hate to have anyone standing out in the rain all day, so giving them one less horse to fight over may be a good idea. I put Coffee’s blanket on, but will take it off tonight. I don’t want him overheated, but this dreary rain is terrible. I left Melody and Honey blanket-less, because they’re hanging out in the insulated barn all day. They haven’t been away from the run-in stalls much, so I think they’re enjoying the time inside.

   We’re getting a new horse on Friday. Her name is Misty. She’s a buddy of Melody’s from a previous barn where we boarded before I owned Firefly Farm.

   I was interrupted in my writing. Lexi’s owner was having a few difficulties with her horse, so I went out to lend a hand. Lexi hasn’t had her udders cleaned, so I helped to remedy the situation. We were at it a little while, but it was time to stop. Poor Lexi was wondering what in the world we were doing. She’d been pacing and turning as we worked, and it’s best to follow her until she quits walking. Then, and only then, it’s a good idea to pet her and move away. This helps her to understand we’re not threatening her; we’re trying to help, and if she’d just remain calm, we’d be able to do our work and be done. We cleaned the best we could, so hopefully we’ll be fine for now. She’s obviously in pain so it’s better to wash her sooner rather than later.

   I checked on Yoda, and then gave him some extra canned cat food. I’m a sucker for an injured cat.

     Yes, his eyes look eerie in this phot0–but in real life, he looks very distinguished. One description I often hear is “He looks like an old man.”

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