Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?

  I wish the fireplace were warm. Instead, whoever installed it put it in for looks alone. It creates no heat whatsoever. So, like poor Eliza, I huddle up for warmth, then I feel like I’m ready to hibernate. I could end up like a Michigan version of poor Sam McGee. (‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’ by Robert W. Service is a great poem. Look it up if you aren’t familiar with his poetry.) I’m COLD. It can’t be April soon enough for my liking.

   During the day, we had a great deal of excitement. Fifteen children from my friend’s preschool came over and learned about horses. I did a demonstration of Melody’s tricks, and then another friend helped me give the kids mini-pony lessons. Some of the kids were very enthusiastic. One mother even signed her daughter up for a lesson next week. The child’s brother will be having a birthday party in December.

   After the kids left, another good friend went for a ride with me behind the main pastures. It was chilly, but we stayed out for a while. She helped with morning chores after we came back to the barn. My friends are the best.

   This evening Smoky Joe didn’t come back. At least now I know he’ll come back when he’s hungry. 

   Chores are done and light blankets are on the horses who need them.

    Tomorrow is my evening off. I’m looking forward to having time to unpack more boxes. Wait, was that sarcasm? Yes. Yes it was.

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