My Blanket and Me

   After much debate and frustration, Honey’s blankets are going back. They’re too big. She’s swimming in them. Instead, I ordered an Amigo. I love Horseware Ireland, and I trust their products. I have a Rambo for Melody, and we’ve had it seven years without incident. The Amigo may be a low-end blanket from HI, but it’s still great quality.

   Coffee’s owner and I switched the feed we’re giving to our young ‘uns for the winter. They’ll be getting a more nutritional age-appropriate food. My instinct was to go with Purina Junior (and I may still do that after these bags are done) but she’s found a cheaper good quality food. My worry is that since I’ve switched Coffee and Honey to this feed, they’re taking much longer to eat. I mixed the old food and new so they’ll gradually get used to it, and they’re picking through the food for the old stuff and sometimes leaving the new. Hopefully this trend won’t continue. 

    We’re having the Toro serviced right now. It has two flat tires and hasn’t run for months. We’re worried it’ll be expensive–again. We had the other mower serviced at the beginning of the summer, and it cost well over $1,000–there was so much wrong with it. We’re getting the Toro fixed now so we can use it to plow the driveway in the winter. I say “we,” but I really mean “me.” I am not looking forward to that chore. I love to tool around in the tractor, but really, it’s annoying to go out in the cold weather for any reason. I’m so glad the barn is heated and has a heated tack room and bathroom. I don’t know how people handle colder climates and have animals. I swear, in cold weather I’m cold-blooded. I just want to hybernate.

   The husband has decided we need an electric heater for the basement. It’s too cold down there otherwise. We didn’t think about it, but there aren’t any heater ducts/vents down there for hot air to circulate. Therefore, it’s cold.

   I started to burn leaves this afternoon, then it decided to rain. Apparently I’m not supposed to burn leaves right now after all.

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