Waitin’ For the Light to Shine

  Poor kitty.

  One removed from the cage ran; one free became caged.

  We haven’t seen hide nor hair of Smoky Joe since he was released from his cage after serving a 2-week getting-to-know-you sentence of all-you-can-eat canned cat food. A great deal of yowling during morning chores alerted me to the fact we’d caught something, so I was hopeful Smoky was still around–caught in one of the ‘groundhog’ cages. Sadly, it was only the neighbor’s cat.

  The horses are doing well, at least. Everyone is happy and eating grass. Everyone who needs one is in a no-fill blanket. (Even Honey has one we borrowed from a boarder.) I was fortunate to share chore responsibilities this morning with a very eager lesson student. She was a great deal of help today. We filled buckets, mucked stalls, fed ponies, and moved everyone around to their respective pasture locations. Honey was very unhappy to be moved away from the “big girls,” but she and Braz need to be off as much grass as possible. Both are incredibly easy keepers, and until winter hits, they’ll be restricted to the 1/2 acre RAMM-fenced pasture. 

   Dusty and Coffee are thrilled with their new digs. They love being in the “New” pasture. Until we’ve gotten the siding up on the new 3-sided shelter and have the ‘no-chew’ on the knee walls for Senorita, the boys get to hang out in that pasture. Once it’s complete, the girls will swap pastures with the boys.

   I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas. (I’m NOT a cold-weather person.) Instead, I’m dreaming of a warm winter, a completed shelter, lots of volunteers to come help with chores, some finished driving lanes, and a grey cat to find his way back to his new home.

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