You Are My Candy, Girl

 “Still singin’ in the rain.” Skipping along like a fool, I decided I could handle rain as long as the temperature stays warm-ish. Today, there was a deluge. Thank goodness we have rolling hills here, or we’d be under water. As it is, the wooden-fenced pasture has a great deal of rainwater near the cement platform leading to the stalls.

  I put everyone’s rain sheets on, and everyone had shelter for the enormous downpour we experienced this morning. However, I was and am in good spirits. Darrin and I had such a great weekend, and I didn’t post photos yet. But here they are.

  This morning I did chores and immediately took Honey for another ride. We had rain showers as background noise, and walked, trotted, and cantered (both leads correct!) Afterward, I played with her head a little and asked her to relax into the bit at a walk. We’re still at 3-5 seconds of submission at a time. That’s fine. She’ll get there. We did extension and collection at a trot, also. Corners are difficult. Building up muscle takes time, patience, and energy.

  I have photos above of the husband pounding in T-posts for a gate between two pastures. We’re using a round pen gate for the grazing area, so the kids can come in and out as they like.

   You can also see how Honey’s coat is progressing. I’ve been feeding her Paprika, and it’s working. Her knees and face, especially near her star, are showing signs of that healthy gold color.

   Bandit decided she  wanted to be in some photos, too, so she’s hanging out in some of the pictures above. You can also see how our new shelter is progressing. No siding or roof yet, but hopefully sometime next week that’ll happen.

  Life is great, we have excellent boarders, and I couldn’t be happier if I was given a plesiosaur for my birthday. (Well, maybe then I’d be happier.)

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