“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”

   Ah, the husband. So sweet. So generous. Except when it comes to Varmints. Then he puts his foot down.

   “I will NOT get you a .22, we will call an exterminator.”


   It all started in June, when we came to look at this facility. We bought the barn “as is,” which meant warts and all. The biggest issue we faced was a groundhog and mole infestation. The indoor arena had lines all through it where a groundhog had tunneled to his heart’s delight. You could walk through the arena for a while, but when you hit certain areas, you were guaranteed to sink down to your ankles–or worse.

   We had a friend of ours churn up the dirt in the indoor arena, collapsing the tunnels. Soon after, I would constantly spot a groundhog out in the pastures. He dug a new tunnel. I called another friend, who offered to bring his gun out and take care of the critter. He hit him with the gun and caused a squeal–but then, about a week later, I saw it again.

   It just won’t die!

   We keep seeing him around, and seeing signs of him on the property. I finally bought a live trap and baited it with kitty food, the same way it told me to in the brochure that came with the trap. Yesterday morning, I woke up to plaintive cries from the cage–I caught a Diva.

   Yesterday one of my boarders was going around in the indoor arena and her horse’s hoof collapsed a tunnel. We are extremely fortunate nothing bad happened in this case. I do worry, however, that this could get worse if the situation isn’t taken care of. The husband and I spoke, and we decided something needed to be done. We disagree, however, on how it needs to be taken care of.

    I want a .22. Darrin does not.

   So, we hired a very nice man named Kevin to come through and live-trap the gophers/moles (in the back yard) and the groundhogs (in the indoor arena.)  They’re very close to hibernation, but if the mole’s any indication, they are still active. The mole tunnels appeared just a day or two ago.

   I will continue to hold out hope on that .22. In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Kevin can trap his quarry. He is paid per pest he removes, and though I could do the job, the husband wants to keep me gun-less. Something about maintaining my health and safety…?

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2 thoughts on ““You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out”

  1. Psssshhh. You need a gun. Everyone needs a gun if they live in the country. They aren’t that expensive and .22s are super easy to care for and operate. They even come stainless steel so they don’t need to be cleaned as often… there are even pink ones 😉 haha

  2. Alexis Kelley

    youll shoot your eye out! youll shoot your eye out!
    dont ya looove that moviee!!

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