The [Dog] Who Came to [Breakfast]

   This morning, I was walking toward the barn, ready to begin morning chores, when a dog appeared out of nowhere. He strode across the back yard, calm and sweet as could be. I caught his leash (a mangled mess of vinyl-covered wire) and walked him into a stall. After treating him to treats, dog food, and a large bucket of water (almost all of which he quickly inhaled) he laid down in the stall and was calm. He stayed there all day.

   One of my boarders was kind enough to take the dog home for the night. She’s looking after him until we can figure out who he belongs to. He’s a nice dog, but is a fully intact male. That will definitely change the game. It makes him harder to re-home if his owner isn’t found. The worst case scenario is hearing from my boarder that if the Humane Society took him in, they would only keep him for 7 days before he’s destroyed.

   Therefore, I will do everything I can to make sure he’s either reunited with his owner or re-homed. I’m grateful my boarder was able to take him, as Bandit wouldn’t like being put together with a territorial, intact dog. I refuse to place a timeline on a healthy animal’s life, so I hope his owner comes along soon.

   Otherwise, life at Firefly Farm is perfect. The ponies had their blankets removed during the day for the sunshine, and Melody and Savannah had theirs put back on tonight. I spent my morning trying to place the “visiting” dog with someone, and my afternoon at the store, doing afternoon/night chores, and having fun with a good friend of mine who stopped by. We cleaned stalls, she was an immense help with digging a stone out of a stall, and we replaced the plug in the bottom of a trough (after removing the leaky trough heater.) 

   This evening I had two lessons. The students both did very well today and each have items to work on for next time. It’s wonderful to have students who are coming along so well and have differing desires. It would be boring to teach the same thing every lesson to every student–I love that we can have many people learning many things. They both want to become part of our 4-H group, too! It’s beyond thrilling to have such excitement at the barn.

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