Dueling Blonde Brats

   We started the day with two very large deliveries: all the wood was first; then all the metal we need for the run-in shed we’re building this weekend. Everything was delivered to the driving lane next to the pasture where the shelter will be built. I’ve decided to un-tape the ribbon wire in that section of the pasture. Then we’ll move everything inside the pasture as needed. We’re also fortunate to have the indoor arena. There’s a heater to help keep it, and the main section of the barn, warm. We’re fortunate to have a heated tack room, kitchen, and bathroom, too. Hopefully we’ll be able to accommodate any people who help us build tomorrow.

   I fed the ponies breakfast right after the wood materialized. The first delivery was at about 8:15am this morning; the second, metal, was at 2pm.  The husband arrived home during the metal delivery. It was nice to see him, as I’ve been alone here at the farm. He’s been spending extra time with his family, but is home now. Because they live so far away, sometimes I feel as though I share custody, but I get him most of the time. It’s difficult to get away now with the business, so we “trade off.” I’m grateful to have him home.

   This evening takes the cake, though. There was no incident whatsoever with the boys or bringing in the horses. It happened once I put the girls out. All the girls, with the exception of one, trotted out into the field to munch their hay. Everyone except Honey. I clapped behind her rump, and she started to trot out to the pasture. Then suddenly, she turned around and gave me a sassy pony grin as if to say “Nope. I’m enjoying myself right where I am, thank ya very much.” Then she galloped over to the hay bales and began eating once more.

   I calmly walked over to my carrot stick and string, picked it up, and swished it at nothing in particular. She gave a little buck and galloped out the door. 

Honey:0, Sarah:1.   I always win in the end.

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