Mending Fences

   The weather was perfect today. Cool, crisp, clear and cloudless. The husband and I went to Family Farm and Home to purchase more T-posts. We bought some 8 ft T-posts and some 5 ft T-posts. We used up all the 8 ft T-posts shoring up the fences around the property. Once that was done (about 1/3 of the way–it’s a good start!) we cut down branches that were in the way of the new Ribbon Wire fence we’re putting up around the parameter of the property.

  We’ve had so much activity here lately. I have a few lesson students who are interested in potentially getting horses, and others who definitely are. I know how many people this is, and I’ve done the math on how many spaces we have left. It quickly starts to add up to near the amount of horses the township will let us have on the property. Therefore, I’ve come to the somewhat difficult decision to keep Firefly Farm as it is. We won’t be accepting new boarders unless I’ve spoken to the person first and have agreed to take in their horses, OR if it’s a special situation. That doesn’t mean I won’t accept new horses–it just means you should speak to me to find out if we’re FULL or “full.” Right now, at 8 horses here and 3 or 4 on the way, we’re “full.” 

   The current horses are all doing so well. Although Braz has been out with the herd, she has not started to show signs of aggression or injury. Senorita and Melody are hanging out, as are Savannah and Lexxi. I’m so glad they’re becoming friends. It’s been tough to watch Lexxi and Senorita going at it–they dislike each other. It’s more of a kick AT each other than actually kick fight, but it’s still difficult to watch. Coffee and Dusty LOVE each other. They spend all day together, whether it’s eating from the same pile of hay, grazing, or just hanging out. It’s adorable.  

   We finally have gates out the back of the barn. We can open one of three gates to get to the girls’ field, the grassy field, or the driving lanes. It’s exciting. I’m going to get it set up tomorrow to be exactly how I envision it should be. (It’s almost there now, but it still has a little work to go.)

   Winter’s coming. One of the parents of a lesson student came out today and was kind enough to put in an electrical box for me. It’s approximately 12″ outside of the gate–just long enough to be perfect for plugging in the water tank for the winter. I’m arranging the ability to heat every water tank all winter long. We want everyone to stay hydrated all winter.

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