It’s a Mud, Mud World

I go to the barn, in short boots, then tall

Hoping the mud amount still remains small.

But no matter the rain, there’s a good guarantee

of counting on a mudpie-making pony.

I’ve been proud of Firefly Farm in many ways. I’ve even been thrilled with the lack of mud. However, with the constant barrage of torrential rainstorms the last two to three days, I’ve been overwhelmed–and so has the land. The kids have played as hard as they can all through the pastures and grassy areas. They’ve run and squealed and bucked to their heart’s delight. However, now we have consequences. When Senorita and Lexxi met, they had to do the cursory “chase each other around the pasture” bit in order to feel like they could be buddies. So they did. In the rain. They slipped and slid and tore up big chunks of earth, but there was no help for it–that was what they were going to do, and I couldn’t stop ’em. They were going to do it somewhere, so I let them go at it in the sheltered pasture. They tolerate each other now, but it’s far from love.

Tonight, all the girls (except Braz) are out in the big pasture together. They’ve all met and had a chance to squeal, nip, and kick if they wanted. It seems pretty relaxed except for Lexxi. She hasn’t made friends yet, but it seems like she hasn’t made friends because she doesn’t really know how. She’ll go up to another horse and get in their face as if to say “Wanna be buddies? I swear I’ll love ya forever!” and the other horse will seem to say “You’re in my bubble!” so they squeal and move apart. Poor Lexxi is devastated, but moves on to the next horse. I don’t know what her previous socialization is, but to me, it almost feels like she had one horse she adored and was “glued” to, and never had to make any other friends. I could be wrong, but it’s like she just expects to be best friends right away with everyone. She’s so sweet, it feels wrong to me that they don’t just fall in love with her, too. She’ll find her place, she’s just new right now. I’ve considered putting her with the boys. She might fit in with them.

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One thought on “It’s a Mud, Mud World

  1. debbi viger

    oh sarah that is a heart breaking post – lexi had a best horse friend for six years while she had almost no human contact. about 6 months ago her best friend died. it was horrible, she was so sad. that’s when jess took her on as a summer project and the rest is a true love story of healing horse and learning to trust people again. she was in a paddock after that with a mare that picked on her, it was very physical thus all the cuts on her. she is so sweet and so lovable hopefully she just needs time to adjust and feel safe after so long. thank you so much for watching so closely after her!!~

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