We have so many exciting things happening at the barn. Lexxi met and mingled with the three “big” girls today (Senorita, Savannah, and Melody) and I put Honey and Braz back together. Coffee and Dusty have loved hanging out in the big pasture this morning–it’s almost time to do the afternoon shift of grazing. I’ve been swapping the horses back and forth between pastures so nobody eats too much grass. It seems to be working out very well.

The arena roof saga is finally to a close. The workmen finished the project yesterday. Now it’s time to get crackin’ on the back pastures. I still have to get 6 more “real” T-posts for in the back pasture, because currently there are six temporary T-posts. I ran out at the last possible moment. That’s always the way it goes.

I’m headed to Family Farm and Home sometime today. We need more grain and Savannah needs more rice bran. The kitties are also low on dry food, and need more wet food. It’s getting cold out, and they need all the nutrition they can get.

Braz and Honey are in the RAMM fence pasture. Though I’d eventually like to add all the girls together, right now Lexxi isn’t communicating effectively with the other girls. She’s pacing the fence a little until I come outside and stand with her. She calms right down as soon as a person stands near her, but she paces otherwise. She’s looking for Jessi–I can tell. She’ll settle for me, but she really misses her owner. I’m so glad she’s closer to Jessi instead of being all the way in Illinois. She’s going to bulk up quickly once she can have more grain, and since she’s getting it 3x per day, that helps immensely. She’s showing far too many ribs. She’s a beautiful soul, though, and she’s sweet as can be. Once she bulks up, she’ll be perfect.

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  1. Can you imagine things better than they are? Then there’s hope I guess.

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