Run to the Finish

  It’s a constant struggle. What can I get done while it’s warm? What’s a priority, and what can wait until next spring? It’s more like what HAS to wait until next spring. I’m trying to talk the husband into getting an implement so I can dig my own fence post holes. I think it would be invaluable. We need to put in two to three paddocks out back, and I think I can easily put them in myself. Well, not easily. I do believe, however, I can put them in for far less than the $14,000 we were quoted from the RAMM fence company. A little cement, a few fence posts… It’s not like I haven’t done it before. Of course, I’ve been an observer, not the person in charge. Someone else always told me what to do. I believe you can learn anything if you study it long enough, so I’ll start reading online just in case. Until  that point, however, I’m putting in more T-posts. Sigh.

   We changed paddocks for Senorita, Coffee, and Honey. Senorita was playing a little too rough with Coffee, so Coffee’s owner and I decided to split them up. Senorita is doing so well out with Melody and Savannah that I decided to keep them together. I put Honey, Coffee, and the new horse, Braz, together. They seem to be getting along very well. Coffee already had bite marks on his back from Senorita (she’s tellin’ that boy who the boss is) and he walked under a tree yesterday and scraped along his hip and back. I’ve been joking with his owner that we need to cover him in bubble wrap.

  I rode Honey yesterday, and she did SO well. She’s finally yielding to the bit. She has a wonderful, soft mouth, and loves to stretch into the bit. She didn’t buck once yesterday. I walked, trotted, and cantered both directions. She’s going into her corners and bending so well. It’s amazing. She’s so much easier to train than Melody. Part of that is me, because I learned a lot from training Melody (the toughest horse I’ve ever trained.) Part of that is the fact that Melody was seven, and Honey is going to be four on April 12. Melody is only three days later, on April 15, but is going to be 15 next spring. I think I’m going to throw a birthday party for them next year–just for fun, of course. I think the lesson students will love it.

   I’m preparing for another pony party. We have one on Friday. It’s going to be a great time. I’m hoping to have more photos up afterward–if I can find my camera. It’s been missing for over a month now. Not missing, exactly, just misplaced. Moving is difficult, but moving, starting a business, and organizing/unpacking at the same time is darn near impossible.  I’ll keep looking. In the meantime, thanks to Robin, we have a new photo as our header. It shows Coffee, Honey, and Braz in the RAMM fenced pasture. This list is from left to right. They’re adorable.

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