Flight of the Bumblebee

Today I swear I could hear that music playing all day. I was in a “get everything done” mood, and I did a little of everything. I set up a new grazing fence for the horses, so now they can eat quite far into the pasture and still have the shelter available. I wanted to keep this down to a daytime activity only, though, so I created a very small space for the horses to get into and out of the new pasture. They loved it.

I taught a student her first lesson with me today. We had a great time. Though I was nit-picky about her riding, it was only because I could see where she needed slight tweaking in order to really “get it.” We want to feel the horse’s mouth through our hands and keep steady pressure on the reins. She’ll get there. It’s a difficult and time-consuming technique to learn–there are adults I’ve taught who still have difficulty to learn.

Coffee is such a boy. Today, everyone wanted to go into their stalls to eat their food (all three meals today–keep this in mind) and Coffee wanted to have an adventure. He didn’t care that there was delicious, hot food in a bucket just waiting for him to dive in. He wanted to poke around each stall, sniffing everything and generally exploring. It was frustrating for the poor girls–you could practically see them rolling their eyes and telling him to just get in a stall already–but it was amusing for me to watch. He has such a curious spirit and a natural zest for life. I love to watch his ears zip around as he thinks about what he’s going to do and how he’s going to do it. He’s so funny! It’s adorable, watching this male version of Melody. I think he’s an exact male replica of her–that’s one of the reasons I love him so much.

I had two great helpers around the barn today. They were very tolerant of me and all the work I had to do. (I came inside tonight, took one look at myself, and thought of Pigpen from Charlie Brown. I’m worse than Pigpen!) I look as though I rolled in the dirt today. I had hay in my hair and dirt on every square inch of my body. I can’t believe they were polite enough to not say anything. They’re nice, though. They helped immensely. We put a hole in the side of the indoor arena (on purpose!) and filled up two water troughs, and cleaned two, also. We cleaned up the aisle and played with a horse. it was a great deal of fun.

This evening before I came in I painted part of the fence in the wooden area. I don’t want to leave it all winter, but I’m afraid I won’t get it all done tomorrow. It’s unfortunate, but some things just don’t get done as well as we’d like in the time available.  I’m trying, though!

Tomorrow, I’m going to have help from volunteers and a lesson at 2pm with a returning student. Then, we’re set to get a new boarder, Braz the Arabian, on Sunday. I’m going to watch my friend Judi give a clinic on Sunday morning for a whole lot of 4-H kids. I’ve had a wonderful start to an exciting weekend.


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