The husband is excellent at marketing. He has signed me up to donate horse riding lessons to charitable organizations. This leaves me on the hook to create authentic-looking certificates.

     Thank goodness for Goodwill. I found some rather inexpensively priced (but expensive looking) foil and paper certificates that are eye-catching. I printed some donation forms, and they look lovely. I’ll be proud to give these to the woman at Habitat for Humanity tomorrow morning.

     Yesterday evening I didn’t feel like commenting on anything but my success at containing Senorita. However, it was a delightfully busy day! At noon, we had the Saddle Club for two hours. They learned about stalling a horse and approaching a new horse. I’m including the information/worksheet they used on the Saddle Club page. It’s always good to know what to expect, and some people may not feel comfortable signing up their child until they know what will occur within a Saddle Club meeting.

     I had a few hours off, then we had a fun bonfire with some MSU students. They came and some took mini-lessons with me. It was quite a blast! My dear friend Judi (who, I am pleased to say, is another female soulmate) organized the whole project and brought everyone out. We had many interested students and some people who seem like they will be coming back.

     This morning, I had high hopes I’d accomplish a lot. I’d planned to work with Senorita (accomplished!) teach a lesson (ditto) and finish the certificates. I did two of the three, and completed the third just a few moments ago. 

     The biggest problem with time came when I worked with Senorita. I had SO MUCH FUN I couldn’t stop! I adore working with smart horses, and she’s a VERY smart girl. We did some Parelli groundwork, some practice lunge-lining, and some random approach and retreat games. I love using Monty Roberts join-up, and we did some of that, too. She’s one of those horses that you just look at her and wonder what’s going on in her head. There’s some neurotic behavior because of all she’s been through, and it’s hard for some people to pick out intelligence from background noise. I have to say, though, that this horse is truly incredible. She’s fun and has a great work ethic. I’m glad they’re looking at her for dressage and, perhaps in the future, trick training. She’s very well suited for both. She has excellent, floaty movements–except when she’s doing a very adorable western jog or lope. I was pleased to discover she’s immune to the dreaded “left-lead-only” mentality of most Thoroughbreds. I am not ashamed to admit I was rather smug when she was able to get BOTH of her leads.

     I was so amused by Senorita I almost missed my chance to work outside today. I spent about two hours with the Senorita girl, mowed the grass, then taught a lesson. After the lesson, I wanted to ride Melody for a while. I miss riding her. She needs to have consistentcy in her training and riders, so I need to ride her after every few lessons so she doesn’t get dull because of muddled cues. She and I had such a wonderful time. We practiced tempi changes and counter-cantering.

     Afterward, my husband left work early to go grocery shopping with me. ‘Nuff said. I gush about him constantly, but he always deserves it. He’s incredible.

     This evening, I had another lesson student. She has threatened to leave a kitten (spayed or neutered, of course) at my barn sometime soon when she comes. I’m fairly certain she means it, too. It’s not my fault, my patient and wonderful husband who will probably read this. It’s not my fault she may bring a sad, hungry, homeless, pathetically thin, dewormed, has-all-its-shots kitten to the barn.  If this hypothetical new cat is anything like Tip, it’ll catch its fill of mice and songbirds and we’ll never have to feed it.   

     I’m grateful for this barn. I’m grateful for my house and my horses and husband and dog and kitties. I’m grateful for headache medication and bubble baths and my laptop and Gordon Korman. Most of all, at this moment, I’m grateful for hot showers and my bed. Goodnight.

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