Fool me Twice…

     I was so proud of myself. I went to the farm store today and picked up a more expensive fencer/”zapper.” It’s solar-powered, as we want everything here at the farm to be as natural as possible. I brought it home, but alas, it needs four days to charge. Four. Days.

     Luckily, I had picked up another roll of wide white tape fence. Senorita was respecting one area of the fence that had three strands of wide white tape, so I figured I’d add another strand, and she’d think twice about going over it. I figured it would look more “solid” to her.

     I fixed the current fence and put up the third strand. Then I went inside to teach a lesson student. I did chores with help (thanks so much, Jessica and Martina!) then we turned out the horses.

     Immediately, Senorita went through the fence. I realized my blonde moment almost the second she went through–I hadn’t turned the fence on when I put it up! Luckily, Jessica and Martina helped me regroup the horses. We got them back in the pasture, and I tried to turn the fence on. No luck. It was shorting out somewhere. Poor Martina then suggested I have her husband look at the fence tomorrow.

     If you know me, you know that was the absolute wrong thing to say at that moment. I sent her the most scathing, wailing-and-gnashing-of-teeth-because-I-looked-at-you-this-way look. I did NOT want to hear that a MAN was going to do something better than me or fix a problem that I couldn’t. I didn’t care if the man IS a friggin’ genius when it comes to fixing things. I didn’t care that he’s an electrical engineer.  I just heard a guy could fix it for me.

     Poor Martina will probably have nightmares for the next 10 years because of that Look. Instantly I felt like the most evil, vile human being alive, because seriously, who responds like that? My pride made me do it. I attempted to apologize profusely, as I really need my best friend to not be afraid of me, but I still feel terrible. Poor Martina.

     Jessica and Martina helped me round up the horses, put them in stalls, give them hay and water, and sweep the aisle. So the horses are inside again tonight. Better luck tomorrow?

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One thought on “Fool me Twice…

  1. Laurie

    Crazy senorita! I’m glad everybodys okay.. thanks for puttting up with my silly horse!!! 🙂

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