Senorita the Genius

     Senorita is one very intelligent horse. Last night after 11 but before 8 this morning, she somehow managed to unsnap the ribbon wire from the plastic holder. She did that on the corner of the fence and then just stepped over. Nothing was amiss other than the ribbon being off of the plastic holders. She didn’t break them, she had just unsnapped them with her teeth. She’s going to be a really cool horse when she’s finished if she’s this smart already. I’m very excited. She’s in training with me right now. I haven’t done any formal sessions with her yet, but every time I go into an area where she’s at, I’ll stroke over her entire body so she can see I don’t mean her harm. She’s started to whinny for me and run to the door or gate when I call the horses in. (It might have something to do with the fact that whenever I bring them it, it’s time to eat.)

     The horses are now in one big herd. Coffee and Honey are all over each other–I think there’s a love affair in there somewhere. They’re inseperable. Savannah, Senorita, and Melody adore each other, too. When I pulled Savannah out of the pasture the other day for a lesson, the other two horses were so naughty–they kept running along the fenceline and barn doing the high pitched you-took-my-buddy scream. I felt really bad because I was using their buddy for a lesson and the kid thought it was the end of the world. We finally led them in and put them in stalls.

     I put up a new fence today. It’s only temporary, but it gives the horses more grazing area. 

     I have a lake in my back yard. I think it should raise my property value–lakefront property goes for a premium. I’ve always wanted to try water polo, too. Maybe we could get a team together. We’d definitedly need a lifeguard then. I’ve heard you can suffocate in 1/2 inch of water. Ours is at least 4 inches deep, and more like 6 inches in certain spots. Swimming, anyone?



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