A Two-Fer

Yesterday we had quite a surprise. Not only did we have one new arrival, a second horse was able to come. Our first new boarder was a lovely Thoroughbred named Senorita. She’s chestnut with a liver-chestnut mane and tail, a stripe, and hind sock. After Senorita arrived, my husband came to the barn and mentioned that another boarder (a friend from a previous barn) wanted to come to Firefly ASAP. Senorita’s owner generously offered to trailer her over–and then there were two. Coffee is a handsome mahogany color with dark points and a nearly black mane and tail. He has a blaze and two hind socks. He looks almost like Melody.

I went to the barn late last night and checked on them, and everyone was fine. When I went into the barn, however, Coffee decided to paw against the wall of his stall. I was watching him over the door, and suddenly he pawed a little higher–I think he was showing off for me–and he caught his leg in the hay net. I was able to quickly free him, but it’s a valuable lesson–no more hay nets with multiple holes for Coffee. He can have the mostly enclosed kind that only has one hole for his nose.  Silly boy!

This morning I did chores and had a blast. Stalls went quickly, feeding went quickly. I stood next to Senorita in the pasture and held her by a leadrope while she ate. She has such anxiety when people are around. She was fine, but wanted to move her feet a lot. I didn’t mind holding her leadrope. I think she’ll get over the whole cribbing issue once she’s comfortable. She only cribs when people are around–I know, because I can see her out the window from where I’m typing right now. She and Honey are eating grass peacefully. I threw them a little hay just in case, but they prefer grass.

I put salve on Senorita’s face, and gave her a half-dose of ulcerguard and probiotics. You can never be too careful when it comes to ulcers–I should know.

Savannah pulled a shoe this morning, so I put a Cavallo boot on her foot. It makes life easier when you have something like that as a substitute shoe. I’m calling the farrier once I have a minute.

I need to make up business cards, pamphlets, and gift certificates for the Habitat for Humanity and Jingle Ball charity events.

It’s almost time to give the kids lunch.

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