Taking the High Road

[name witheld],
Hi! This is Sarah. There may be some people coming by to look at your facility–I’m sharing the names of all local facilities (the ones I know of) with potential boarders. I appreciate how well you took care of Melody while she was there, and even though we left, we do not have any ill feelings toward you. I know you will continue to take good care of the horses at your facility, so I’m telling people about you when they’re coming here to look. I figure we’re all just trying to take care of horses for their owners the best way we can. Though boarders may prefer one facility over the other, they are very fluid–they move and change, but the boarding facilities should stick together. If there’s anything I can do for you in the future, please let me know. I have very fond memories of riding in your lovely, enormous outdoor arena. I hope I can push people to the facility which best suits them.  Have a great day,  Firefly Farm
  P.S. – If someone besides [name witheld] reads this email, please share it with her. I want to make sure she’s aware that I have only good things to say about her to potential boarders, and that I would never speak badly of her.
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