Constant Fun With a Dash of Mayhem

We had a lovely time giving pony rides to kids on Friday. Jessica helped with the rides, and the children were silly but fun.

Last night, the husband and I decided to have a campfire. Just a small one for the two of us. The horses had a later lunch than usual, so I let them graze longer before bringing them in for supper. Deciding to set up the campfire first, I carefully arranged the wood into a proper A frame and lit it during the last vestiges of twilight. Then it was time to bring in the ponies.

You’d think I were asking them to write Hamlet. They came in with no trouble, but suddenly they realized there was only hay down in the stalls. (I wait to put down grain after everyone’s inside.) They do generally head to the correct stall, but this time they meandered all around the barn as if they were in an old movie where everyone goes into and out of doors in a hallway. It was comical. There was no way I’d just let them wander the barn, so I shut them into the side enclosure.

Then suddenly Honey decided she wanted to act like a filly. Without any visible reason she took off running and bucking around the pasture, and the other two followed. Melody and Savannah quickly passed poor Honey (who has the shortest legs of the three) and galloped around for a little while. When they grew bored of running, they came back to the stalls and glared at me as if to say, “You had plenty of time to put feed in the stalls–where is it?”

Those girls.

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