Potential new Boarders

Every horse is different.

I’ve had a lot of people come and tour the farm recently. Some are interested in boarding their horses here, others are interested in horse riding lessons. One common thread I’ve been hearing from potential boarders is “__________ is something my horse does. Does that bother you?”

My answer, every time, is no. No, it doesn’t bother me. Why? Call me crazy, but I like people who ask me about “problem” horses.

When someone asks me a question that ends in “does this bother you,” it means they are a responsible, caring horse owner. They know their horse is flawed and they accept it. They know there will be issues with the horse’s behavior, and they’re willing to deal with them instead of turning a blind eye. (Frankly, I’m more worried if there is no perceived flaw.)

The other part of this is that every horse is different. Melody is a brat who is terrible when she’s in season. Savannah is a boss mare. Honey is and always has been low on the totem pole, so she’d rather stand and watch others eat than fight for food. My horses all have unique traits that make them who they are. Yours do too.

This doesn’t mean I love problem horses. It means I love horses. If your partner is good enough that you were willing to see past his or her flaws to keep them, shouldn’t a barn owner be willing to do the same? My answer is yes.

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