One AM at Firefly Farm

     Why am I awake, you may ask? The thought occurred to me, as I lay in my bed trying to sleep, that my time could be spent playing with ponies. So I went to play with ponies. I snuck out of bed (like every horse-crazy little girl wants to do) and went out to say hello to the kids.

      They were so happy to see me. I fed everyone extra hay and pulled Honey out of a stall to groom her. She was delighted I’d singled her out. I lunged her and played some Parelli games with her. (She didn’t realize we were “working”.) She’s still a little girl, though, and it’s funny to watch her get excited when she does something right. She started bucking and doing some beautiful “I’m so excited and happy” rollbacks when I lunged her and would tell her what a good girl she was.

     A new potential boarder told me today that Savannah’s tail looks great. I agree. One of the wonderful things about having a horse at your best friend’s property is that she’s happy to groom your horse and keep the tail silky with product. You’re welcome, Martina. When I groomed Honey a little while ago, I used detangler on her tail, also. I want the girls to be able to swat at insects with no problems. I’ve been checking for burrs, too. She’s been much better than Honey on that score. Sometime I should post a photo of my poor “Bedhead” filly.

     Now I’m off to bed. The girls are tucked in with extra hay (a flake each, plus an extra) and I played with the kitties before I came in. Everyone is safe and happy for the night.

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