Horse Show Victory!

   Horse showing is so much fun. The 4-H open show was exactly what Melody and I needed, since we haven’t worked on anything specific this summer, and my time has been focused on the barn clean-up and moving. We did really well, but the ribbon colors were strange. Hot Pink is second place. Hmm.

  We ended up with:

Second place – Western Pleasure

Second place – English Pleasure

Third place – Hunter Hack

Fourth place – Western Equitation

Fifth place – English Equitation (Melody had to break gait right in front of the judge. Argh!)

Honorable mention –  Showmanship. I had to go home to get Melody’s tail wig, and I missed my first class. They were in the middle of my second class when I came back to the fairgrounds, and I ran all the way to the arena in order to do the class. The judge was highly amused as she watched me book it toward the gate. I’d never done showmanship in a show before, so it was nerve-wracking anyway. I thought it was boring as a kid.  

  Leah and Jerrod were fantastic, as usual. I’m trying to coax her up here with one of her horses for part of the winter so we can spend more time together. Snappy is still in love with Melody.

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