Horse Poetry and Show

I was once told “if you love skiing, don’t open up a store, don’t become an instructor, live in the mountains instead.” In regards to horses, I already was an instructor, couldn’t live away from my animals, and desperately wanted to open up a “storefront.” I don’t know much about skiing, but I do know a lot about horses. The speed, the adrenaline rush; it’s all the same thing as skiing but with an added element of comraderie.

Baby Doll
Her sweet expression and long black tail
starts my heart racing; my steps fail.
She turns and nickers, stomps and sighs.
She's beautiful with big brown eyes.

That eager face and so-soft nose
makes me tingle down to my toes.
I can't react, but start to giggle.
My silly mare makes her lips wiggle.

She reaches for my pocket, there,
and knows she must ignore my hair.
Of course there is a treat in store,
but give one treat and she wants more.

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