I Won a Poetry Contest

I won the poetry contest for the Absorbine product.

Since I have so much poetry already written, it’s easy to reformulate a poem to make it fit a situation. I can’t wait until all of my poems are available on Amazon. They’re ready to go, but I just haven’t edited them in the kindle format yet. I’m working on it.

We have the fenceposts in now for the fence/gate across the driveway and the south side of what will become the arena. It’ll be nice when we have that done. We picked up some more bags of concrete to set some of the posts, and I’ll pick up some white paint so the posts match the RAMM fence in the next few days. It’s very exciting!

Melody, Savannah and Honey are all doing very well today. I rode Honey this evening, and we managed to walk, trot, and canter both ways without any arguments or bucking. I’m working very hard to get the girl ridable. She’s amazing, but not ready for the general public yet. Someday soon, I hope, she will be. She’s great with kids. She loves being ridden and groomed. I think she’d love doing walk/trot lessons.

I’m going easy on Melody, since she had that ulcer in her eye last Thursday. She’s chilling in the pasture and taking it easy.

Savannah has filled out considerably from when she first arrived. I’m very pleased with the way her weight is going. I think once I have her on oil in with her food it’ll make a difference, too. The girl needs lots of calories, and I’m hoping she gets them here. She’s such a good girl and definitely deserves the best, easiest life we can give her. She’s the most consistent, trustworthy horse I’ve ever met. I hope she’s with us a long time.

The kittens are getting fixed Monday. I’m going to keep that a little surprise and not tell them. I’m planning to lock them in the cage Sunday night when I feed them, giving them as much wet food as they can eat (before 10pm, when they’re cut off for the night/supposed to be fasting.) I’m taking them in at 8am Monday morning and I’ll pick them up in the afternoon on Tuesday. It’ll be nice to finally have that done. They’re getting too old, and Tip especially could go into heat soon. We don’t need any more kitties. (Though the grey ones I saw at Sims Funny Farm were ADORABLE.)


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