Bad Pony!

  I put the girls out in the RAMM-fenced pasture, and then remembered I needed to put medication in Melody’s eye (2-3 times a day for a scrape to her cornea.) I went out to deliver the medication, but as I walked over to her, I tried to pet Honey. That little sprite ran away! I put meds in Melody’s eye, then went back inside to grab my carrot stick. When I walked back out, Melody gave me an “Uh oh, what did Honey do THIS time?” eye roll, then promptly went back to grazing. Savannah never blinked an eye.

Though I’d prefer not to run the horses at all in the pasture when it’s been wet like this, it’s impossible for me to just let something like that go. I made Honey move her feet every time she walked away. Finally she gave up and let me approach. I put the carrot stick down, walked her inside, groomed her, applied hoof oil and fly spray, then put her back out in the RAMM fence with the other girls. Honey nudged me before she walked away as if to say, “Gee, if I’d known all you wanted was to give me a massage, I wouldn’t have run away!”

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