Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Available for Holiday Gifts:
*A Certificate–set of four lessons for $100*
*A single lesson Certificate for $30*
Will be sent to you through the mail if you send a check to Firefly Farm, LLC.
Firefly Farm, LLC
3180 Hagadorn Road
Mason, MI 48854
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How’s this sales pitch to drum up business?

Horse lessons on fall evenings at Firefly Farm come with background music, graciously {and unknowingly) provided by the Okemos High School marching band.

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Building our Cross Country Course


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Parade, Camp, and MSU

We began the summer with Mason’s Independence Day Parade. Bella and I rode Twist and Melody.

Mustang Camp 1 was amazing.


During Mustang Camp 1, we did Mounted Archery with Falcon, an insured and accredited Archery Instructor.

We had our camp show, too.

Applejack went to MSU with a bad case of Colitis.

He’s much better now.


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Random Changes at Firefly Farm

We have a cool new sign on the gate thanks to a random Etsy search.


We’ve completely renovated the tack room’s feed area. We’ve also renamed our pastures in honor of places at Camp Anna Behrens, my old Girl Scout Camp.

I’m adding a backsplash to the bathroom sink, had a boarder kindly sort and label as well as rubber band all of the boots in our boot library, and was given a drawing by a three year old featuring me, “Miss Sarra Teach.”

Bubbles the Border Collie Puppy is now six months old. She loves Sir Hops A Lot Freight Train.

We also had the front grass paved to make more parking.

How many Four Leaf Clovers can YOU see in the photo? We have them all over Firefly Farm.

We’ve added horses to Firefly Farm’s boarder roster. Our new horses are Faith, the Fleabitten grey; as well as Eowyn, the Gold Champagne Palomino.

We had four fledgling Barn Sparrows in our aisle bird nest. They have (in the three days since this picture) grown up and flown away.

While the tractor was in for repair, Flower helped me to move some compost and manure around. She seemed pleased to be useful.


I bought a new two-wheeled garden cart for farm use, and it’s the perfect size for a hay bale. Everyone prefers this to a wheel barrow.

I sent the second Tintype to Sunny Poffenbarger along with a pressed four-leaf clover, and she was so delighted that she sent me a gift. I’m lucky to have the Universe send so many amazing people my way.

We also now have electrified chicken fence. Hooray! Those pesky foxes, coyotes, mink, raccoons, and opossums will have to go elsewhere for their meals.


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Victorian Days in Grand Ledge

Last Saturday, we had an adventure at the Island in Grand Ledge. I was asked to perform with my side saddle, in costume.

I can do that.

We brought Bubbles, Lance, Flower the Alternative Fact Teacup Friesian*, Sir Hops a Lot Freight Train, Silky Cocoa Cream McGuire, Nugget, Perkins, Pillywiggin, Daisy, Dandelion, and Melody. Our Minions were Sonora, Rose, and their mom, Corey; Emma, Allie, Jasmine, Mariah, and Mariah’s mom Sarah.

*This breed is a figment of my imagination–it doesn’t exist; hence, it’s an “alternative fact” breed. If you would, however, like to join the breed, the membership costs are very affordable–it’free.

The bridge I crossed with the trailer was teeny tiny so I’ve shared a photo of me inching across.

A gentleman was taking Tintypes, an old type of photo, and I had two taken. One will be going to Sunny Poffenbarger in North Carolina to thank her for selling me her heirloom Victorian outfit.

The lovely hat is from Mary K. Hodges-Nees. If you’d like to look into buying one of her creations, I can put you into contact with her. Her hats are exquisite.


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Lights, Camera, Action

Bright lights twinkle above as Bubbles’s ears flop forward. Twist snorts and stomps as Flower sniffs hay.

“Melody, eat your heart out,” Twist seems to say.

Four years ago, Melody had a starring role (according to her) in the musical, “My Favorite Year” at Riverwalk Theatre.

The rest of the animals were jealous. Nobody else had ever been in a play before. Then came Lance The Service Dog’s big break as Horrid in Camelot.

Now, everyone except Bandit, Honey, and Twist had appeared onstage. Then Flower, the cute little “Alternative Fact” Teacup Friesian, appeared. As founder and only member of this unique breed, Flower was special. She knew it. It was only a matter of time.


Then Bubbles came along. To quote a certain Scottish play (with puppy grammar included) “bubblesis, bubblesis, toils and troublesis…”

Soon, people were emailing to ask about Bubbles. “Can Bubbles come play with the cast of our show?” Our answer was a resounding yes. Then, I asked about sneaking the horses into the show, too. Their answer was a resounding yes.

So Twist, Flower, and Bubbles are all in this weekend’s play, “The Wonder of The World,” directed by Shannon Bowen. The animals felt that they deserved bios for being in the show, so their publicist took care of it. Here’s the show program:


Bubbles is disgruntled at having to share her acting gig with Flower and Twist, but when I told her to discuss it with Eowyn, our resident Unicorn and arbitrator, she said, “S’fine. S’fine. Can we go home now?!”


Better luck next time, Bandit and Honey. Better luck next time.

(Oh, and Sir Hops a Lot Freight Train also wants to be included. He’s a disgruntled bun. He, however, says he wishes to produce or direct–not act.)

He’s already decided to cast Bandit in her first leading role–as Kate in “She Poops to Conquer.” Eh–I mean “She STOOPS to Conquer.”



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Dietary Indiscretions

Her glossy eyes clouded over; her ears flopped forward and she moaned. Her whine pierced through my heart like a pin through fabric.


Bubbles the Border Collie puppy.

At eleven weeks old, Bubbles became very ill indeed. Her stool became bloody and she vomited repeatedly. When she crawled under a tree as if to die, we decided to take action.

I went online to look up her symptoms.

After scaring myself half to death, I got offline and had The Husband call a Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Almost six hundred dollars later, we had our answer.

“Has she been eating anything she oughtn’t?”

“Uh–well… We have eight cats, ten horses, a guinea, three turkeys, twenty five ducks, a bunny, and fifteen chickens. She could have eaten anything on the farm.”

“Ok. We’ll call this one dietary indiscretions. We’ll give her fluids for her dehydration, antibiotics in hopes that it’ll take care of any ‘bugs’ left in her system, and you can take home the rest of her stool sample.”

Bubbles is back home and acting more herself again today. She’s mad, however. I won’t let her off of the leash anymore. Not until she learns to curb her enthusiasm about snacking on morsels of whatever the back yard holds.

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2017: The Year of Positivity

The muddy whirlpool swishes and swirls, pulling debris from the edge. The current, strong but steady, sloshes and sways as it collects everything in its banks.

If you’re drifting or pulled in, rise. Like a phoenix rising from ashes, we can lift ourselves out of the muck and mire. We, ourselves, can fight the current and persevere.

This year, we will rise above the negativity in the world. This year, we’ll be the positive change we wish to see, and we’ll fight the current of what’s “wrong” to make as many “rights” as we can.

So far, I, Sarah, the horse riding instructor, have donated 12 1/2 inches of hair to Wigs for Kids.


Next, we’ve started saving money, as a barn, for Sandstone Farm’s Rescue Efforts. The organization saves pregnant mares from auctions (and usually a slaughter house.) They give the mare proper nutrition, help her give birth, and then to find new homes for mother and baby. This is the rescue that saved Chex and Applejack.


So far, collecting change and dollar bills, we’ve saved almost $150.

I turned 35 this year, and Bandit turned 14, so it was time to add another bundle of joy to our family.

This is Bubbles the Border Collie.


If you think she’s about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, you’d be correct. (At least according to Bubbles.) Bubbles was recently awarded a middle name by our Veterinarian, and has been deemed “Bubbles Franklyn.”

The black hole of politics, the whoosh and eddy of currents threatening to sweep our country and world into darkness, and the heavy, uncomfortable air of oppression leaves us gasping for hope. Let positive changes, kind words, and generosity be the raft which lifts you to the surface. Let others feel the water’s disturbance and set forth on similar voyages.

Above all, don’t let negativity bring you down. Rise.

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Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Firefly Farm loves kids. We also know you’re busy.

We’re offering gift certificates for the Holiday Season. Pop a check in the mail and we’ll send you back a gift certificate of your choice.

-Pony Ride: $5

-One Hour farm tour (includes four pony rides): $30

-Single Horse Lesson: $30

-Girl Scout Badge Events: $10 per child (includes riding)

-Birthday Parties: $10 per child (No additional costs!)

-Set of Four Horse Lessons: $100

-Classroom/School/Daycare visits: (includes 3-5 non-equine animals) $50 for approximately an hour long visit.

We ride:

English—jumping (no higher than a hay bale!), and beginning dressage

Western—pleasure or beginning gymkhana games (no galloping here!)


Vaulting—basic safety and movements


Driving—how to handle the horse from the ground and how to hook up a cart properly; parts of the cart. Students are not able to drive the carts themselves, but they’ll be shown how it’s done and can ride with the instructor.

Our facility has an indoor and an outdoor arena, so we’re able to ride year round. Our instructor is a K-8 schoolteacher who loves teaching and using psychology. These aren’t just riding lessons—they’re horse and life lessons with math, science, history, and English integrated into each session.

Minion Program—when the kids volunteer at the farm, for every 8 hours they volunteer, they’re “paid” with a free horse riding lesson.

See website for details:

We ride:

English—huntseat, low jumps, and beginning dressage

Western—slow gymkhana and pleasure


Vaulting—basic safety and movements


Driving—how to handle the horse from the ground and how to hook up a cart properly; parts of the cart. Students are not able to drive the carts themselves, but they’ll be shown how it’s done and can ride with the instructor.

* Come visit the farm and see the animals. Spend an hour with us and bring up to four pony riders. We have horses, ponies, cats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, dogs, a bunny and a guinea.

# We bring children to farm animals and farm animals to children. We have traveling farm animals (will visit and introduce you to a bunny, chicken, duck, turkey, kitty, and/or service dog depending on your preferences.)

We have birthday parties, pony rides, lessons, camps, and Girl Scout badge events.

Firefly Farm LLC in Mason Michigan; 1 mile from Okemos High School; 2 miles south of MSU

Camps, Lessons, and Pony Rides available

We also board stock horses/family friendly horses

(No Stallions, Arabians, Warmbloods, or Thoroughbreds.)

Our facility has an indoor and an outdoor arena, so we’re able to ride year round. Our instructor is a K-8 schoolteacher who loves teaching and using psychology. These aren’t just riding lessons—they’re horse and life lessons with math, science, history, and English integrated into each session.

Horse Boarding:

$325 outdoor/pasture board

Horses brought inside two times daily to eat grain; fed only grass/orchard grass hay. Grain is all Purina products—Ultium Junior, Purina Senior Feed, Healthy Edge Senior, and Purina Ultium. We will feed Alfalfa pellets at no extra charge.

$400 indoor board

Horses are indoors overnight or during the day only. No 24/7 indoor board unless the horse is ill or injured.


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